State-of-the-Art Lab

Our own research facilites

We've built our own UX Lab in our office with state of the art audiovisual equipment, multiple cameras and everything else you need to quickly start a test session and then deliver the results immediately afterwards. We can test websites, desktop and mobile apps, consumer electronics or any electronic device. We provide testing on a variety of devices - computers, smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and VR.

You can join us to observe the test sessions on site or we can live stream them so that you and your team can watch anywhere in the world. Our rooms are able to support several research methods:

  • Usability Testing
  • User Interviews
  • Card Sorting Exercises
  • Focus Groups
  • Workshops

What we can offer

lab_recruitment User Recruitment

We recruit the right users to match your screener. We also make sure they arrive on time and that there’s extra participants in case of no-shows.

lab_translation Simultaneous Translation

If you’re testing the local Portuguese market for your global service we won’t let you miss any of their thoughts. You’ll get live translation support as the test happens.

lab_eyetracking Eye Tracking

Eye-tracking is the ultimate technology that allows us to know where the user is looking, what they’re looking at, and for how long they gaze in a particular spot.

lab_illus_remoteobs Live Video Recording

We record the user’s screen, their interaction with the device, facial expressions and body language. We can live stream the test sessions so that you can watch them anywhere in the world.

lab_illus_reports Remote Testing

Using screen and voice recording software, we capture users interacting with your product in their natural environment - at home, in the office or a specific location - in Portugal or anywhere the world.

lab_illus_videorec Fast and Detailed Reports

As soon as the usability tests end, we start working on the report detailing all the findings and recommendations in whichever format works best for you.

Our lab’s layout

We have a reception area for participants to wait in. The research and observation rooms are not placed alongside so that participants don’t cross paths with the clients.

Illustration of a frog jumping in slow-motion
Illustration of a frog jumping in slow-motion
Illustration of a frog jumping in slow-motion

Observation Room

Here you can watch the test sessions comfortably and see how users interact with your product live.

  • icon_tv Large 65” Ultra-HD TV
  • icon_soundsystem Dedicated Sound System
  • icon_airconditioner Dedicated Temperature Control
  • icon_headphones Individual Headphones Control
  • icon_translate 2 Sound Channels (translation + live)
  • icon_chair Sits Up to 10 people
  • icon_sun Natural Daylight
  • icon_paper Large Format Printer
  • icon_officesupplies Office Supplies (post-its, paper, pens…)
  • icon_catering Fully Catered (drinks and snacks)