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Designing easy-to-use interfaces 

Interface design refers to the design of user interfaces for software, websites or applications. It is more than deciding which color to use or where to place the main menu. To design an attractive and intuitive user interface is essential to anticipate what users might need to do and ensure that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand and use to facilitate the tasks they need to accomplish. 

Making complex systems simpler 

Designing a clear, easy-to-use interface is particularly important when dealing with complex apps that comprise a large amount of screens. Adapting interface design to the users’ tasks and processes and creating innovative standards can make navigation easier for them.  

Creating a design responsive interface

No matter the complexity of the system it’s important that it works well in any device - smartphones, tablets and desktops. If a user is navigating through an organisation’s website on his desktop and decides to switch to his smartphone, the website interface should automatically resize, hide, shrink or enlarge according to the new device specificities. 

By taking a responsive design approach, both the design and the development of products respond to the user’s preferences, behaviour and environment. 

Taking a touch-first approach 

A touch-first interface is designed to prioritise touch as the main input method. In order to design a touch-friendly device it’s important to understand how people hold the wide variety of gadgets available - phones, tablets, laptops - as they’re operated very differently and each have their own specific UI needs. 

Designing a touch-first interface for both websites and apps prevents users from having to learn new patterns and provides a better experience if they access the website or the app on different devices. 

Want your users to navigate a clear, intuitive interface?

Xperienz will learn all about your users to design an interface that meets their goals and lets them easily complete the necessary tasks on your website or app.

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